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    From Small Dreams 

    I am a student SMPN 2 Pare. I have a dream since childhood, my dream is to become number one in the race berbidang study Mathematics. I have a dream since childhood, ever since I first-grade at SDN Pelem III. I was dreaming about it, because I just wanted to boast of my parents. Karna’s why I’m so excited about learning. At that time, I lived in housing, its no mistake, is housing perumahanku SD. Unlike the housing of the rich who are all now a school friend of mine. I promise I will participate in the race until the district level Mathematics. Finally, after passing the first grade, I will move house to the village Krenceng, sub-Surround. And finally where sekolahkupun also moved to SDN Krenceng 2. There, I have many friends that I often come home late, until 6 pm. Just because I’m mostly friends, I forget about my intentions to enter the race berbidang study Mathematics. Unlike in SDN Pelem III, I study hard because I never played with friends – friends sesekolahan, except when I’m school. I often come home late, almost every day I played, and mostly, I go after school until 6 pm. Although I’ve got the anger of parents almost every day, I never give up to play until nearly night. Finally, only two years I have school at SDN Krenceng 2. Since I was mostly playing, I ended up changing schools in the SDN Tertek IV. There, too, where my father worked as a teacher. I’m becoming more learned, because I remember my goal became to enter the race berbidang study Mathematics.

    When I schools in the SDN Tertek IV, I had class 4, so I was able to get ready – ready for the race. Preparation for the preparation I had to do to welcome the arrival of the race. Finally, do not feel a tahunpun ago, when – when the kunantipun has arrived. At that time I really abide by the rules – rules that are specified. At the time I joined the race first time, was housed in SMPN 2 Pare. Type of competition which is contested at the time of Mathematics and Science competitions. As I recall the rules when it was released 2 groups for each school. Each group consists of 3 children. Prizes for the champion of 1 to 3 is a championship trophy and plaque, while for the next rank only get a charter. At that my friend is a boy – boys and 1 girl. While my class sister consists of 2 girls and 1 boy – boys. I get the same class with the class my class sister. Before the race started, me and my friends – my friends taking the time to read, only then we enjoy a snack that is in SMPN 2 Pare. 5 minutes before the race started I meyempatkan to pray for a moment. And the sound of SMPN 2 Pare tetttt indicates that the problem can begin to work. Inside we answer the question, I, and friends – my friends threw another answer to another friend. Sometimes other groups of mutual bercontekkan SD, whereas in the early bercontekkan explained if caught will be penalized is disqualified. Finally 1.5 hours imperceptibly, our time to finish sosal stay 30 minutes. Finally a question on a matter that had given us the answer as quickly as possible because soon the bell will sound to indicate that the time to answer had expired. Our answer many dikosongi not only because time was running out, but the rules are if the wrong value will be multiplied by -1, if dikosongi value will be multiplied by 0, and if true would be multiplied by 3. Finally time to do the problems have been exhausted, we immediately memberesi our work. We also came out to rest his mind, after that me and my boys went to the cafeteria to enjoy the meatballs. Just to enjoy the meatballs we have to wait very long, but I and my friend still be patient, finally after nearly 30 minutes we get a meatball. After obtaining a meatball problem came back, we had to queue to get a seat, while I waited for the chair and brought a bowl of meatballs, my friend queue up again to get ice melon juice. Finally after my friend get ice juice, where I waited in front of children eventually go to pay for their orders, while we were paying earlier. After we finished meatballs, then we ordered a snack for home preparation. After all, we think it, we left the cafeteria to find a female friend. After so long we search, we finally met with him in the hall. We did not get to talk long, there was an announcement calling the race champion. Heart pounding the three of us, lombapun announcement begins. Apparently we were not the champions of three. Champion keduapun was read, was also not ours. Now the three of us beating heart is very – very fast, even faster than before. After we prayed to die – death was also not our champion. Then we fast – a quick look at the notice board near the staff room. Apparently we got the winner 22, while our seniors get the order to 36. Although we lost, we have no regrets. Although we lost, the three of us came home with a cheerful face, knowing the first experience. After passing through the journey from Pare to sekolahanku SMPN 2, I immediately told this to my class teacher. Indeed, the race had to brave to sacrifice our time to learn the material in class. After the race at SMPN 2 Pare done, I’m sure that there are many competitions that are waiting for me.

    When I passed the semester grade V, there are competitions which manifold Science, Mathematics and Science but this was different. Because of this MPA can memilh field study mathematics or science. A few days before the race MIPA done, me and my friend get a briefing from our class teacher. After nearly 3 days to get direction, the direction of sekolahanpun also finally finished. But tomorrow is Sunday, so I can still learn. But I also do not forget to say their prayers to Allah SWT. Finally one day it does not taste and at last the day came Seninpun. But our departure a little bit annoyed because there is a routine flag ceremony every Monday. When we left there, I saw many children who also follow the race. After the race procedures performed, tibaalah time to do the problems. But also do not forget kupanjatkan prayer before I began work on the problems. Before the time working out, my job is over, so I can correct my answer. Come sound the bell sign when do the problems out. After waiting a bit longer when the announcement finally arrived. After all the kids were there the announcement finally begins. It turned out that number 1 is the champion of Mathematics Rossa, who is now a classmate. Direction of kecamatanpun done, finally on Wednesday I left. After attending the district-level competitions as usual do not forget kupanjatkan prayer. Alhamdulillah, I turned into a big 15 Sekabupaten. Finally, the second race done. Before entering the classroom I prayed very long. Tetttt sound came from the school. Pengumumanpun re-done. Finally Parre child can go in 13 large, but live I have left. When the announcement numbers will run out eventually my name out as well. Finally now live announcement medal. It turns out I get the Bronze medal. Now I can go home with a cheerful face. Shortly before my return from Kediri we were called again to follow the race on the anvil. After the race done, it turns out there are friends who died, but I can not mention it. Then learning from the district performed, finally learning that has been completed after three days. We went to take the bus from the district of Surabaya, after two days stay there, lombapun done with the heart – my heart I answer the questions, but time is not felt when it runs out. Finally I can go home with a cheery face despite the lombaku either win or lose. Everything had been arranged by Allah SWT. After 2-day stay, was the child of Pare lost at that level. But I’m not discouraged because I believe that there will be a race again. That’s the most berkesanku experience. I will never forget it all my life.

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    pes 6 tricks 

    Well, in PES6 Free kick Once Very easy. From WE9 easier. Tricks na:

    • Players The disposable shoot power na> 85
    • The ideal distance at Home Box penalty (<30m hurdle Front)
    • Because we rely on the strength (curve ball is not), then try: if the ball position on the Right to use persimmon Players Kidal and vice versa
    • how: Bottom (BUANA) + Box (Bar Less Up to half a bit) + hold when the ball bounced (Triangle)

    L1 + L2 + R1
    Shirt Pull
    R1 + X
    Look Up Cross
    L1 + R1 Then O
    Crossing Stance
    L1 then R1 x3
    Drag Ball Stepover
    L1 + R1 Then L1 2x
    Drag Ball Into Dash Stepover
    L1 + R1 Then 2x L1 + R1
    Avoiding Stepover
    Is avoiding a through / or / down + R2 then quickly press L1 x2
    Go Around The Ball
    While running hold L1 then tap quickly R1 x2

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    Is God Angry 

    Now, the earth earth

    So many natural disasters


    For the way we semdiri

    Floods do not stop flowing

    Continue to fracture in the earth quake

    Wind beliungpun attended

    Adding sadness in my heart

    Is this a sign?

    God angry with us?

    Because we can not maintain

    Everything is all around us

    Let us fix ourselves!

    Keeping everything on earth!

    For God is not angry anymore

    And forgive us for this

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    Prefer Justin concert than learning to UN 

    On 23 April, 2011, Justin concert was held in Jakarta and the event was held at Sentul building. Actually after the event that the UN is waiting for junior high school students are Grade 3 and 6. But many of those who choose to watch a JB concert, but at night the week can be used to study and prepare the national examination. And the second factor is the ticket, the high prices of tickets, which cost Rp 1.6 million, 00’s. And ironically again a lot of spectators who lined up since morning, when the new JB concert begins at 7 pm. And from the many spectators who came from junior grade 3 and 6. So, they play hooky from school just to watch a JB concert. In my opinion, the money that bought tickets, I used to do charity and savings, because money is one million six hundred thousand that I think is already very expensive.

    Not just any concert, when JB come to Indonesia and get off at the airport, too many students who play truant just because want to meet her idol, namely JB. But after Justin got to the airport, the fanster disappointed, because they think JB arrogant, because they do not want to meet with the fansternya.

    Well, maybe it is a lesson for musicians to Indonesia to continue working and to well-known as JB. Well we can only pray alone.

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    When the road. I do not know what the fate of time?
    Nimble young men who are elders hard,
    His dream of independence stars
    is on my side for keeping this dead area
    I like to those who dare to live
    I like the night to find those who enter
    Berwangi night dream, terlucut dust … …
    When the road. I do not know what the fate of time!
    Th III, No. 96
    Start dark
    not dead-end night
    we still watch
    -Thermopylae? –

    • Butcher is not known? –

    but later
    before noon stretches
    we’ve lost lost
    New Age,
    No. 11-12
    20-30 August 1957


    We are now lying between Karawang-Bekasi
    can not shout “Merdeka” and take up arms again.
    But who can no longer hear us roar,
    we imagined and mendegap advanced liver?
    We talked to you in silence in the lonely night
    If the chest feeling empty and a ticking clock
    We die young. Living bone covered with dust.
    Remember, we recall.
    We’ve tried what we could
    But work was not completed, yet can take into account the meaning of thousands of lives 4-5
    We just scattered bones
    But it is yours
    You’re more to determine the value of the bones scattered
    Or our souls floated to victory and hope of independence
    or not for nothing,
    We do not know, we no longer can say
    You’re the one now who say
    We talked to you in silence in the lonely night
    If there is a sense of emptiness and a ticking clock
    Remember, we recall
    Forward, forward our souls
    Keeping Bung Karno
    keep the Bung Hatta
    keep Bung Sjahrir
    We now dead
    Give us the meaning of
    Guard continues at the statement boundary line and dream
    Remember, we recall
    living bones covered with dust
    Thousands of us lying between Karawang-Bekasi
    Volume 7, No. 16,


    During this development
    master back to life
    And the embers into flame impressed
    In front of all the master awaits
    Do not flinch. Opponent many hundred times.
    Sword on the right, a dagger in the left
    Berselempang spirit can not die.
    It ranks no-berpalu bergenderang
    Trust mark invaded.
    Once the mean
    It was dead.
    Thee Affairs
    Provide fire.
    Extinct in the upper menghamba
    Perish on suppressed
    Indeed a new road deaths reached
    If life must suffer
    (February 1943)
    Th III, No. 8
    August 1954

    APPROVAL with Bung Karno

    Come on! Bung Karno give hand let’s make an appointment
    I had long enough to talk
    roasted over apimu, salted lautmu
    From the start date. August 17, 1945
    I stepped forward to be meeting at your side
    I now flame me now sea
    Bung Karno! You and me one substance of the tendon
    In zatmu in zatku our ships sailing
    In uratmu in uratku our ships anchored in contrast &
    Volume 7, No. 297,
    If it comes my time
    ‘I want no one to woo her
    Not even you
    No need to snivel that
    I’m a beast bitch
    Of the compounds wasted
    Let the bullet penetrate my skin
    I still inflamed crashing
    Wounds and can I bring running
    Until the missing poignant fairy
    And I would not care more
    I want to live another thousand years
    March 1943


    If you want you back I received
    With all my heart
    I still own
    I know you are never ever the same
    Bath flower extract was divided
    Do not submit! About me boldly
    If you want I received back
    For myself but
    I’m reluctant to share with the mirror.
    March 1943
    to sri
    Quiet outside. Lonely pressing urgency.
    Straight rigid trees. Immobile
    Up to the top. Silence peck,
    Not a power off-renggut
    All waited. Waiting. Waiting.
    Add this waiting to be strangled
    Become heavy-mencekung punda
    Until they are destroyed everything. Nothing yet
    Bertuba air. Satan bertempik
    This quiet and hold there. And waited


    to firmly adherent
    In stunned
    I’m still calling your name
    Let me really hard
    You all remember the full
    holy hot cayaMu
    kerdip stay quiet candle in the dark
    I lost form
    I wander in a foreign country
    I knock on your door
    I can not turn
    13 November 1943


    Relying on the dance rainbow colors
    You’re my silk hooded twilight
    In the eyes of black roses and jasmine flowers
    Fragrant hair floated wrestle Senda
    Lonely sing, pray come in the night
    Meriak soul pond water level
    And in my chest memerdu song
    Interesting dance all over me
    Life of my life, open doors
    During your eyes look up to me
    As long as you’re flowing blood from the wound
    Death came among us not divide …


    This time no one looking for love
    between warehouses, old house, on the story
    pole and temali. Boats, boats no berlaut
    blew themselves in mempercaya would interlock
    Drizzle accelerate the dark. There is also an eagle flaps
    gravely offensive, swish day run swim
    persuasion find akanan base. Not moving
    and now sleep lost land and water waves.
    No longer. I own. Walk
    combed the peninsula, still stuffy hope
    once came to the end and all good-bye
    from the fourth beach, bitterly efflux could terdekap


    Love on the island,
    sweet girl, now own fun
    Boat skim, moon shine,
    in the neck kukalungkan ole-ole for the boyfriend.
    wind helped, sea light, but feels
    I do not, right up to him.
    In calm water, the wind mendayu,
    in the sense of efflux of all speeding
    Doom throne, saying:
    “Point the boat into my lap only,”
    Amboi! I’ve traveled many roads!
    Boat together, right merapuh!
    Why call the first Doom
    Before he could embrace with my love!
    My sweet far on the island,
    if ‘I die, he died alone fraudulent.

    NIGHT In the mountains

    I thought: Moon make this the cold,
    So pale and stiff trees house?
    For once I was too highly to want to answer:
    Uh, there is little boy playing chase with the shadow!

    The stolen and broken

    dark and the wind then mempesiang myself,
    menggigir also the space where I want him,
    plus evening sets in, jungle so semati monument
    in Rubber, in Rubber (county yad) until well chilled roar
    I was tidying the room, if you come inside me
    and I can no longer release new story to you;
    but now only the hand that moves aloud
    my body still and alone, stories and events over frozen

    Patter patter fir

    fir menderai far
    feels today will be a night
    there are several branches in the casement merapuh
    hidden hit wind
    I’m now the person can stand
    how time is not a child anymore
    but first there is a material
    which is not the basis for calculating current
    live only delay defeat
    more alienated from love low school
    and know, there are still unspoken
    before we finally gave up

    Not the stabbing death of right heart
    Keridhaanmu accept any arriving
    I knew not that high above the dust
    And sorrow reigns supreme lord no
    These rooms became a nest efflux
    at night the missing boundary
    Me and you just menjengkau
    black raft
    ‘Kan terdamparkah
    or whatever
    on a black round?
    Your eyes are purple petrified
    Still berdekapankah us or
    also follow the shadow

    CREATE JERITA Dien Tamaela

    Beta Pattiradjawane
    didjaga the datu datu
    Tjuma one
    Beta Pattiradjawane
    scraping the sea
    bloody sea
    beta Pattiradjawane
    when birth brought
    datu dajung canoe
    beta Pattiradjawane nutmeg forest pendjaga
    beta-fire on the shore, who approached
    three times menjebut beta punja name
    algae in the desert night dance
    according to the beta have a drum
    nutmeg tree, virgin bodies become
    live until morning comes
    let’s dance!
    let joy!
    let berlupa!
    beware! will not make customs angry
    beta make nutmeg dead, stiff girl
    send datu-datu beta!
    beta is night, there Benefits of Sleep
    rhythm of the algae and the fire burn the island … ….
    beta Pattiradjawane
    didjaga the datu-datu
    tjuma one


    I am back. Many foreign:
    water flow rate of the color, ships,
    and mega are leaning on the other equator;
    sense of the sea has changed and tie face
    also illuminated other Matari.
    Quietness stay still.
    More deserted me in the way of turns;
    more quiet as well when they are between
    the hope and the release.
    Left ear is still terpaling
    withdrawn intermittently restless

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    How To Easily Add Music Playlist Widget In WordPress 

    Confused how to add music playlists on your wordpress? ‘ve Tried various ways but it does not work as well? ^ _ ^ Well .. no really easy way for you who want to really blogging while hearing your favorite music. Curious? Follow these instructions:

    1. Visit this site: http://www.mixpod.com/ or existing websites gigya his support.
    2. If you feel already have an account on this website, just login directly. But, if you do not have an account, you must sign up first. Or click here.
    3. After finishing the register, you will be asked to confirm your email.
    4. After confirmation is complete, log in or directly to the page “My Playlist” which is located below the header MixPod website. Login by entering your email and password that you’ve registered on MixPod.
    5. If you have entered into home-you, click on “Create Playlist”
    6. Find your favorite songs on the “Search”
    7. After that click like this sign (+) to add it to the playlist.
    8. If you want a lot of songs for your playlist, just repeat the find and add more songs like that. Note: Usually there is a message error occurred. Usually it is because of signal problems or because the songs you are looking for has not been formatted. So should search for songs by entering the title song or the singer alone.
    9. Once your songs are in a playlist, click “2. Customize “. Select how skins you like. But adjust the size of your blog widgets column. Do not select a skin that is too large playlists.
    10. You also can change its skin color according to your wishes. Click on “Color and Styles”
    11. Next Click the “Settings”
    12. In this option will show the options like “Autoplay”. Select “Yes” if you want the song in the playlist you immediately hear when you dikunjungin blog visitors. And select “No” if you want a new favorite songs will sound if the user clicks play or a sign “>” in your playlist.
    13. Select a “Yes” to the option “Shuffle” if you want the songs you heard at random. And select “No” if you want your songs heard in sequence in accordance with your order.
    14. Loop -> Yes. Privacy -> Public
    15. You also can adjust the volume according to your wishes.
    16. Click “Save Playlist” and fill in the box Playlist Title (Title Playlists ye) and Playlist Description (About the Playlist you).
    17. In option “Genre” and “Categories”, Select 3 only.
    18. In the Box “Playlist tag”, the content of words like “happy”, “favorite” and etc.
    19. Then click the “Save (Get Code)”
    20. Select the option “Other Sites” -> More -> WORDPRESS logo
    21. Enter your username and password for WordPress -> POST
    22. After tar-POSTING. Please log in your wordpress -> EDIT POST -> Click EDIT on the post (no title) -> HTML -> Copy of its Code.
    23. Click WIDGET you -> drag (pull) TEXT to a place that you inginkanpada sideboard -> Give it a title -> paste the HTML code that you copied from earlier POST EDIT -> SAVE


    1. Today MixPod with skins music playlist is not working. So, if you want to use widgets MixPod, you must choose which of his skin no video support.

    2. For those who use music widgets at videokeman.com, resize its width on the size of html code “300” to “200” or in accordance with the size of your blog widgets let column looks fit.

    3. Another website is also very easy to get music widget is soundcloud.com. There you can search your favorite song on the search column. Then, if it determines the choice of songs, click ‘share’ -> customize player -> select the color of your widget -> tick autoplay -> copy this code to wordpress -> paste the code in the column of your music widgets -> PREVIEW and see the results.

    4. There is another other websites that are also very popular for music widget that is Music-live.net Here a more complete list of songs, ranging from local to international. Because the songs are also sourced from reputable websites free upload 4shared Even if you have your own songs that you’ve uploaded to 4shared, you can copy its code from a music-live.net this website. Cool right?!. The trick just wrote like taking the html code from videokeman. Find your favorite song in the search part, then play & the embed code. But the conditions you must be willing to wait until the buffering song 100% complete. Do not half-sentengah well. Because if such buffering its new 20%, his music can not be in-play you know. So, Wait till wrote the song in the post-buffer is all new to wordpress. Okey!

    It’s easy! Please give comments on this blog if you find a problem in adding music playlist widgets. Atu if you feel there is less clear from the instructions listed above, please use the question on the comment column. As much as possible I’ll be right back.

    • Happy blogging and creativity without stopping *

    “But Also Do not Forget The Same Commandments Religion Yesh!”

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    Heroes of Independence 

    Heroes, semangatmu like a burning fire

    Defeating the forces of existing cloud

    Each of you make war

    There is always a wasted life

    Not the rewards that you would expect, nor is it a number of property

    But you only want an independence

    Lasting for Indonesian Independence

    For the future, can feel the freedom thine offspring

    There’s always that protect forests

    There is always a menghadangmu msuh

    However, there is always a freedom that has been entrenched, rooted in your heart

    And always there is prayer and God be with you

    There are services every pace your steps

    Like a mother to her child sacrifice

    And there are dreams that in the face behind it murungmu

    To reach the word “Indonesia Merdeka”

    Created By: Hanif S.N

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    Poetry … 

    In the midst of loneliness dating

    You are always created to comfort me

    You were created to fill my heart

    If there is time money

    I’m always waiting for your arrival

    Poetry …

    You are my emotions overflow

    Also my heart flow

    I wrote

    With ink segores

    On the sheet of white paper

    What remains of this sacred

    If you

    I think it’s perfect

    You will I dedicate,

    To my best friend

    Because you “POETRY”

    Created By Hanif S.N.

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    Watch Porn Videos Fun at the Plenary Session of Parliament 

    INTEGRITY Parliament who now insist on building a really fancy getting crushed. Scandal after scandal, from corruption to watch pornographic videos at a plenary session, continuing board members were honored.

    Arifinto, members of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), Media Indonesia was caught on camera when he saw the video through his tablet computer at a plenary session, yesterday.

    Arifinto left hand prop the tablet computer and placed his right hand on the back of the chair and fingers ready to touch the screen. He looked down and put the tablets is lower than the table.

    At the time the screen is touched, appeared about six thumbnails contain pictures. The pictures are showing scenes of porn videos. When one of the thumbnail is touched, comes the porn scene on screen tablet.

    According to board members of the electoral district of West Java II, he did not deliberately watch the video. Arifinto describes himself opened his tablet computer because there is an incoming electronic mail. “There’s a link. I’m curious. When (link) is opened, the picture begituan and I delete it,” said a member of the House’s Commission V.

    Destructive images

    Arifinto confessed to open the video was only a few seconds before removing them. “Just a minute, really, most just a few seconds. Enggak up to half a minute,” said Arifinto.

    However, according to camera metadata reporter Media Indonesia, M Irfan who perpetuate the momentum, Arifinto open a video on the tablet more than 2 minutes, ie from 11:39:23 am to 11:41:57. “There are 60 frames that I managed to capture,” he said.

    House Speaker Marzuki Alie Arifinto regretted. “That would ruin the image of the House of Representatives,” Marzuki said. Vice Chairman of the House Pramono Anung via his Twitter account wrote, “Shame really .. There really plenary session watching a porn movie .. Do not let the trial so pariporno.”

    MCC President Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq reluctant to say. “He’s already answered and confessed. I do not have to answer it,” he explained. He also declined to comment when asked about possible sanctions to be imposed to Arifinto MCC.

    MCC is okay to not impose sanctions. Honorary Board (BK), the House was ready to shoot Arifinto. Vice Chairman BK Nudirman Munir ensure it will examine the question.

    According to him, the media is sufficient basis for BK to ask for clarification Arifinto. “Members of Parliament should not perform actions that potentially damage the image and honor of the House,” he said.

    That is why the former chairman of Muhammadiyah Syafii Maarif ask the House to prove their bodies with dignity. One way of proof, he said, seriously following up the case of the porn.

    Dignity at stake because the council unfolding scandal after scandal, from cases of corruption, sex scandals, until the last video porn. (* / X-3)

    Source: http://www.mediaindonesia.com/read/2011/04/09/216557/265/114/Asyik-Nonton-Video-Porno-saat-Rapat-Paripurna-DPR

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    Impian Sejak Kecil 

    Aku adalah siswa SMPN 2 Pare. Aku mempunyai impian sejak kecil, impianku adalah menjadi nomer satu dalam lomba berbidang study Matematika. Aku mempunyai impian itu sejak kecil, sejak aku kelas satu SD di SDN Pelem III. Aku memang mengimpikan hal itu, karena aku hanya ingin membanggakan orang tuaku. Karna itulah aku jadi bersemangat belajar. Saat itu, aku tinggal di perumahan, its jangan salah, perumahanku adalah perumahan SD. Tidak seperti perumahan milik orang kaya yang semuanya kini menjadi temanku sekolah. Aku berjanji akan ikut dalam lomba Matematika sampai tingkat kabupaten. Akhirnya setelah melewati masa SD kelas satu, akupun pindah rumah ke desa Krenceng, kecamatan Kepung. Dan akhirnya tempat sekolahkupun juga pindah ke SDN Krenceng 2. Disitu, aku mempunyai banyak teman sehingga aku sering pulang sore, sampai jam 6 petang. Hanya karena aku kebanyakan teman, aku melupakan niatku untuk masuk lomba berbidang study Matematika. Tidak seperti di SDN Pelem III, aku rajin belajar karena aku tidak pernah bermain bersama teman – teman sesekolahan, kecuali kalau aku sedang sekolah. Aku sering pulang sore, hampir tiap hari aku bermain, dan kebanyakan, aku berangkat setelah sekolah sampai jam 6 petang. Meskipun aku sudah mendapatkan kemarahan orang tua hampir setiap hari, aku tidak pernah kapok untuk bermain sampai hampir malam. Akhirnya hanya dua tahun aku sekolah di SDN Krenceng 2. Karena aku kebanyakan bermain, akhirnya aku pindah sekolah di SDN Tertek IV. Disitu jugalah tempat bapakku bekerja sebagai guru. Aku menjadi lebih banyak belajar, karena aku menjadi ingat tujuanku untuk masuk dalam lomba berbidang study Matematika.

    Ketika aku sekolah di SDN Tertek IV, aku sudah kelas 4, jadi aku sudah bisa bersiap – siap untuk mengikuti lomba. Persiapan demi persiapan sudah aku lakukan untuk menyambut kedatangan lomba. Akhirnya tidak terasa 1 tahunpun berselang, saat – saat yang kunantipun telah tiba. Saat itu aku sangat mematuhi aturan – aturan yang ditentukan. Pada waktu aku ikut lomba pertama kali, itu bertempat di SMPN 2 Pare. Jenis lomba yang pada saat itu dilombakan adalah lomba MIPA. Seingatku peraturan saat itu adalah tiap sekolah mengeluarkan 2 kelompok. Tiap kelompok terdiri dari 3 orang anak. Hadiah bagi juara 1 sampai juara 3 adalah sebuah piala dan piagam, sedangkan bagi peringkat selanjutnya hanya mendapatkan piagam. Ketika itu temanku adalah 1 anak laki – laki dan 1 anak perempuan. Sedangkan kakak kelasku terdiri dari 2 anak perempuan dan 1 anak laki – laki. Aku mendapatkan kelas yang sama dengan kelas kakak kelasku. Sebelum lomba dimulai, aku dan teman – temanku menyempatkan diri untuk membaca, setelah itu baru kita menikmati snack yang ada di SMPN 2 Pare. 5 menit sebelum lomba dimulai aku meyempatkan untuk berdoa sejenak. Dan bunyi tetttt dari SMPN 2 Pare menandakan bahwa soal bisa mulai dikerjakan. Didalam kami menjawab soal, aku, dan teman – temanku saling melempar jawaban kepada teman yang lain. Kadang kala kelompok dari SD lain saling bercontekkan, padahal pada awal sudah dijelaskan kalau ketahuan bercontekkan akan dikenakan sanksi yaitu didiskualifikasi. Akhirnya waktu 1,5 jam tak terasa, waktu kami untuk menyelesaikan sosal tinggal 30 menit. Akhirnya pertanyaan di soal yang tadi diberikan kami jawab dengan secepat mungkin karena sebentar lagi bel akan berbunyi untuk menandakan bahwa waktu untuk menjawab soal telah habis. Jawaban kami banyak yang dikosongi bukan hanya karena waktu sudah hampir habis, tetapi peraturannya kalau salah nilai akan dikali -1, kalau dikosongi nilai akan dikali 0, dan kalau betul akan dikali 3. Akhirnya waktu untuk mengerjakan soal telah habis, kami segera memberesi hasil pekerjaan kami. Kamipun keluar untuk mengistirahatkan pikiran, setelah itu aku dan temanku laki- laki pergi ke kantin untuk menikmati bakso. Hanya untuk menikmati bakso kami harus mengantri sangat lama, tapi aku dan kawanku tetap bersabar, akhirnya setelah hampir 30 menit kami mendapatkan bakso. Setelah mendapat bakso masalah datang kembali, kami harus mengantri untuk mendapatkan kursi, sambil aku menunggu kursi dan membawakan semangkuk bakso, temanku mengantri lagi untuk mendapatkan es jus melon. Akhirnya setelah temanku mendapatkan es jus, anak didepan tempatku menunggu akhirnya pergi untuk membayar pesanan mereka, sedangkan kami sudah membayar dari tadi. Setelah bakso kami habis, lalu kita memesan snack untuk persiapan pulang. Setelah semuanya kami rasa cukup, kami pergi meninggalkan kantin untuk mencari teman kami yang perempuan. Setelah sekian lama kami mencari, akhirnya kami ketemu dengan dia di aula. Kami tidak sempat berbincang lama, ternyata ada panggilan pengumuman juara lomba. Hati kami bertiga berdetak kencang, pengumuman lombapun dimulai. Ternyata kami bukan juara tiga. Juara keduapun dibacakan, ternyata juga bukan kami. Sekarang hati kami bertiga berdetak sangat – sangat kencang, bahkan lebih cepat dari yang sebelumnya. Setelah kami berdoa mati – matian ternyata juaranya juga bukan kami. Lalu kami cepat – cepat melihat papan pengumuman di dekat ruang guru. Ternyata kami mendapatkan juara 22, sedangkan kakak kelas kami mendapatkan urutan ke 36. Meskipun kami kalah, kami tidak menyesal. Meskipun kami kalah, kami bertiga pulang dengan wajah ceria, maklum pengalaman pertama. Setelah melewati perjalanan dari SMPN 2 Pare ke sekolahanku, aku langsung menceritakan hal ini kepada guru kelasku. Memang mengikuti lomba itu harus berani mengorbankan waktu kita belajar materi dikelas. Setelah lomba di SMPN 2 Pare dilakukan, aku yakin bahwa ada banyak lomba yang sedang menantiku.

    Ketika semester kelas V aku lewati, ada lomba yang berjenis MIPA, namun MIPA kali ini berbeda. Karena MPA ini bisa memilh bidang study Matematika ataupun IPA. Beberapa hari sebelum lomba MIPA dilakukan, aku dan kawanku mendapatkan pengarahan dari guru kelas kami. Setelah hampir 3 hari mendapatkan pengarahan, akhirnya pengarahan dari sekolahanpun juga selesai. Tapi besok masih hari Minggu, jadi aku masih bisa belajar. Tetapi aku juga tidak lupa untuk memanjatkan doa kepada Allah SWT. Akhirnya waktu satu hari itu tidak terasa dan akhirnya hari Seninpun datang juga. Tapi keberangkatan kami agak sedikit terganggu karena ada upacara bendera yang rutin dilakukan setiap hari Senin. Ketika kami berangkat kesana, aku melihat banyak anak yang juga mengikuti lomba. Setelah prosedur lomba dilakukan, tibaalah waktu untuk mengerjakan soal. Tetapi juga tidak lupa kupanjatkan doa sebelum aku mulai mengerjakan soal. Sebelum waktu mengerjakan habis, pekerjaanku sudah selesai, jadi aku bisa mengkoreksi jawabanku. Datanglah bunyi bel pertanda waktu mengerjakan soal habis. Setelah menunggu agak lama akhirnya waktu pengumuman tiba juga. Setelah semua anak hadir di situ pengumuman akhirnya dimulai. Ternyata juara Matematika nomer 1 adalah Rossa, yang sekarang menjadi teman sekelasku. Pengarahan dari kecamatanpun dilakukan, akhirnya hari Rabu aku berangkat. Setelah mengikuti lomba tingkat kabupaten seperti biasa tak lupa kupanjatkan doa. Alhamdulillah, ternyata aku masuk kedalam 15 besar sekabupaten. Akhirnya lomba yang kedua dilakukan. Sebelum masuk kelas aku memanjatkan doa yang sangat panjang. Tibalah bunyi tetttt dari sekolahan itu. Pengumumanpun kembali dilakukan. Akhirnya anak Parre bisa masuk dalam 13 besar, namun tinggal aku yang tersisa. Ketika nomer pengumuman akan habis akhirnya namaku keluar juga. Akhirnya sekarang tinggal pengumuman medali. Ternyata aku mendapatkan medali Perunggu. Sekarang aku bisa pulang dengan wajah ceria. Tak lama menjelang kepulanganku dari Kediri kami dipanggil lagi untuk mengikuti lomba di Paron. Setelah lomba dilakukan, ternyata ada teman yang gugur, tapi aku tidak bisa menyebutkannya. Lalu pembelajaran dari kabupaten dilakukan, akhirnya pembelajaran itu selesai dilakukan setelah tiga hari. Kami berangkat ke Surabaya naik bus dari kabupaten, setelah dua hari tinggal disana, lombapun dilakukan dengan hati – hati aku menjawab soal, tapi waktu tak terasa jika sudah habis. Akhirnya aku bisa pulang dengan wajah ceria meskipun hasil lombaku entah menang ataupun kalah. Semuanya itu sudah diatur oleh Allah SWT. Setelah 2 hari tinggal, ternyata anak Pare kalah di tingkat itu. Tapi aku tidak berkecil hati karena kuyakin bahwa nanti akan ada lomba lagi. Itulah pengalaman paling berkesanku. Aku tidak akan melupakan itu sepanjang hidupku.



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