From Small Dreams

I am a student SMPN 2 Pare. I have a dream since childhood, my dream is to become number one in the race berbidang study Mathematics. I have a dream since childhood, ever since I first-grade at SDN Pelem III. I was dreaming about it, because I just wanted to boast of my parents. Karna’s why I’m so excited about learning. At that time, I lived in housing, its no mistake, is housing perumahanku SD. Unlike the housing of the rich who are all now a school friend of mine. I promise I will participate in the race until the district level Mathematics. Finally, after passing the first grade, I will move house to the village Krenceng, sub-Surround. And finally where sekolahkupun also moved to SDN Krenceng 2. There, I have many friends that I often come home late, until 6 pm. Just because I’m mostly friends, I forget about my intentions to enter the race berbidang study Mathematics. Unlike in SDN Pelem III, I study hard because I never played with friends – friends sesekolahan, except when I’m school. I often come home late, almost every day I played, and mostly, I go after school until 6 pm. Although I’ve got the anger of parents almost every day, I never give up to play until nearly night. Finally, only two years I have school at SDN Krenceng 2. Since I was mostly playing, I ended up changing schools in the SDN Tertek IV. There, too, where my father worked as a teacher. I’m becoming more learned, because I remember my goal became to enter the race berbidang study Mathematics.

When I schools in the SDN Tertek IV, I had class 4, so I was able to get ready – ready for the race. Preparation for the preparation I had to do to welcome the arrival of the race. Finally, do not feel a tahunpun ago, when – when the kunantipun has arrived. At that time I really abide by the rules – rules that are specified. At the time I joined the race first time, was housed in SMPN 2 Pare. Type of competition which is contested at the time of Mathematics and Science competitions. As I recall the rules when it was released 2 groups for each school. Each group consists of 3 children. Prizes for the champion of 1 to 3 is a championship trophy and plaque, while for the next rank only get a charter. At that my friend is a boy – boys and 1 girl. While my class sister consists of 2 girls and 1 boy – boys. I get the same class with the class my class sister. Before the race started, me and my friends – my friends taking the time to read, only then we enjoy a snack that is in SMPN 2 Pare. 5 minutes before the race started I meyempatkan to pray for a moment. And the sound of SMPN 2 Pare tetttt indicates that the problem can begin to work. Inside we answer the question, I, and friends – my friends threw another answer to another friend. Sometimes other groups of mutual bercontekkan SD, whereas in the early bercontekkan explained if caught will be penalized is disqualified. Finally 1.5 hours imperceptibly, our time to finish sosal stay 30 minutes. Finally a question on a matter that had given us the answer as quickly as possible because soon the bell will sound to indicate that the time to answer had expired. Our answer many dikosongi not only because time was running out, but the rules are if the wrong value will be multiplied by -1, if dikosongi value will be multiplied by 0, and if true would be multiplied by 3. Finally time to do the problems have been exhausted, we immediately memberesi our work. We also came out to rest his mind, after that me and my boys went to the cafeteria to enjoy the meatballs. Just to enjoy the meatballs we have to wait very long, but I and my friend still be patient, finally after nearly 30 minutes we get a meatball. After obtaining a meatball problem came back, we had to queue to get a seat, while I waited for the chair and brought a bowl of meatballs, my friend queue up again to get ice melon juice. Finally after my friend get ice juice, where I waited in front of children eventually go to pay for their orders, while we were paying earlier. After we finished meatballs, then we ordered a snack for home preparation. After all, we think it, we left the cafeteria to find a female friend. After so long we search, we finally met with him in the hall. We did not get to talk long, there was an announcement calling the race champion. Heart pounding the three of us, lombapun announcement begins. Apparently we were not the champions of three. Champion keduapun was read, was also not ours. Now the three of us beating heart is very – very fast, even faster than before. After we prayed to die – death was also not our champion. Then we fast – a quick look at the notice board near the staff room. Apparently we got the winner 22, while our seniors get the order to 36. Although we lost, we have no regrets. Although we lost, the three of us came home with a cheerful face, knowing the first experience. After passing through the journey from Pare to sekolahanku SMPN 2, I immediately told this to my class teacher. Indeed, the race had to brave to sacrifice our time to learn the material in class. After the race at SMPN 2 Pare done, I’m sure that there are many competitions that are waiting for me.

When I passed the semester grade V, there are competitions which manifold Science, Mathematics and Science but this was different. Because of this MPA can memilh field study mathematics or science. A few days before the race MIPA done, me and my friend get a briefing from our class teacher. After nearly 3 days to get direction, the direction of sekolahanpun also finally finished. But tomorrow is Sunday, so I can still learn. But I also do not forget to say their prayers to Allah SWT. Finally one day it does not taste and at last the day came Seninpun. But our departure a little bit annoyed because there is a routine flag ceremony every Monday. When we left there, I saw many children who also follow the race. After the race procedures performed, tibaalah time to do the problems. But also do not forget kupanjatkan prayer before I began work on the problems. Before the time working out, my job is over, so I can correct my answer. Come sound the bell sign when do the problems out. After waiting a bit longer when the announcement finally arrived. After all the kids were there the announcement finally begins. It turned out that number 1 is the champion of Mathematics Rossa, who is now a classmate. Direction of kecamatanpun done, finally on Wednesday I left. After attending the district-level competitions as usual do not forget kupanjatkan prayer. Alhamdulillah, I turned into a big 15 Sekabupaten. Finally, the second race done. Before entering the classroom I prayed very long. Tetttt sound came from the school. Pengumumanpun re-done. Finally Parre child can go in 13 large, but live I have left. When the announcement numbers will run out eventually my name out as well. Finally now live announcement medal. It turns out I get the Bronze medal. Now I can go home with a cheerful face. Shortly before my return from Kediri we were called again to follow the race on the anvil. After the race done, it turns out there are friends who died, but I can not mention it. Then learning from the district performed, finally learning that has been completed after three days. We went to take the bus from the district of Surabaya, after two days stay there, lombapun done with the heart – my heart I answer the questions, but time is not felt when it runs out. Finally I can go home with a cheery face despite the lombaku either win or lose. Everything had been arranged by Allah SWT. After 2-day stay, was the child of Pare lost at that level. But I’m not discouraged because I believe that there will be a race again. That’s the most berkesanku experience. I will never forget it all my life.