How To Easily Add Music Playlist Widget In WordPress

Confused how to add music playlists on your wordpress? ‘ve Tried various ways but it does not work as well? ^ _ ^ Well .. no really easy way for you who want to really blogging while hearing your favorite music. Curious? Follow these instructions:

1. Visit this site: or existing websites gigya his support.
2. If you feel already have an account on this website, just login directly. But, if you do not have an account, you must sign up first. Or click here.
3. After finishing the register, you will be asked to confirm your email.
4. After confirmation is complete, log in or directly to the page “My Playlist” which is located below the header MixPod website. Login by entering your email and password that you’ve registered on MixPod.
5. If you have entered into home-you, click on “Create Playlist”
6. Find your favorite songs on the “Search”
7. After that click like this sign (+) to add it to the playlist.
8. If you want a lot of songs for your playlist, just repeat the find and add more songs like that. Note: Usually there is a message error occurred. Usually it is because of signal problems or because the songs you are looking for has not been formatted. So should search for songs by entering the title song or the singer alone.
9. Once your songs are in a playlist, click “2. Customize “. Select how skins you like. But adjust the size of your blog widgets column. Do not select a skin that is too large playlists.
10. You also can change its skin color according to your wishes. Click on “Color and Styles”
11. Next Click the “Settings”
12. In this option will show the options like “Autoplay”. Select “Yes” if you want the song in the playlist you immediately hear when you dikunjungin blog visitors. And select “No” if you want a new favorite songs will sound if the user clicks play or a sign “>” in your playlist.
13. Select a “Yes” to the option “Shuffle” if you want the songs you heard at random. And select “No” if you want your songs heard in sequence in accordance with your order.
14. Loop -> Yes. Privacy -> Public
15. You also can adjust the volume according to your wishes.
16. Click “Save Playlist” and fill in the box Playlist Title (Title Playlists ye) and Playlist Description (About the Playlist you).
17. In option “Genre” and “Categories”, Select 3 only.
18. In the Box “Playlist tag”, the content of words like “happy”, “favorite” and etc.
19. Then click the “Save (Get Code)”
20. Select the option “Other Sites” -> More -> WORDPRESS logo
21. Enter your username and password for WordPress -> POST
22. After tar-POSTING. Please log in your wordpress -> EDIT POST -> Click EDIT on the post (no title) -> HTML -> Copy of its Code.
23. Click WIDGET you -> drag (pull) TEXT to a place that you inginkanpada sideboard -> Give it a title -> paste the HTML code that you copied from earlier POST EDIT -> SAVE


1. Today MixPod with skins music playlist is not working. So, if you want to use widgets MixPod, you must choose which of his skin no video support.

2. For those who use music widgets at, resize its width on the size of html code “300” to “200” or in accordance with the size of your blog widgets let column looks fit.

3. Another website is also very easy to get music widget is There you can search your favorite song on the search column. Then, if it determines the choice of songs, click ‘share’ -> customize player -> select the color of your widget -> tick autoplay -> copy this code to wordpress -> paste the code in the column of your music widgets -> PREVIEW and see the results.

4. There is another other websites that are also very popular for music widget that is Here a more complete list of songs, ranging from local to international. Because the songs are also sourced from reputable websites free upload 4shared Even if you have your own songs that you’ve uploaded to 4shared, you can copy its code from a this website. Cool right?!. The trick just wrote like taking the html code from videokeman. Find your favorite song in the search part, then play & the embed code. But the conditions you must be willing to wait until the buffering song 100% complete. Do not half-sentengah well. Because if such buffering its new 20%, his music can not be in-play you know. So, Wait till wrote the song in the post-buffer is all new to wordpress. Okey!

It’s easy! Please give comments on this blog if you find a problem in adding music playlist widgets. Atu if you feel there is less clear from the instructions listed above, please use the question on the comment column. As much as possible I’ll be right back.

  • Happy blogging and creativity without stopping *

“But Also Do not Forget The Same Commandments Religion Yesh!”