pes 6 tricks

Well, in PES6 Free kick Once Very easy. From WE9 easier. Tricks na:

  • Players The disposable shoot power na> 85
  • The ideal distance at Home Box penalty (<30m hurdle Front)
  • Because we rely on the strength (curve ball is not), then try: if the ball position on the Right to use persimmon Players Kidal and vice versa
  • how: Bottom (BUANA) + Box (Bar Less Up to half a bit) + hold when the ball bounced (Triangle)

L1 + L2 + R1
Shirt Pull
R1 + X
Look Up Cross
L1 + R1 Then O
Crossing Stance
L1 then R1 x3
Drag Ball Stepover
L1 + R1 Then L1 2x
Drag Ball Into Dash Stepover
L1 + R1 Then 2x L1 + R1
Avoiding Stepover
Is avoiding a through / or / down + R2 then quickly press L1 x2
Go Around The Ball
While running hold L1 then tap quickly R1 x2