When the road. I do not know what the fate of time?
Nimble young men who are elders hard,
His dream of independence stars
is on my side for keeping this dead area
I like to those who dare to live
I like the night to find those who enter
Berwangi night dream, terlucut dust … …
When the road. I do not know what the fate of time!
Th III, No. 96
Start dark
not dead-end night
we still watch
-Thermopylae? –

  • Butcher is not known? –

but later
before noon stretches
we’ve lost lost
New Age,
No. 11-12
20-30 August 1957


We are now lying between Karawang-Bekasi
can not shout “Merdeka” and take up arms again.
But who can no longer hear us roar,
we imagined and mendegap advanced liver?
We talked to you in silence in the lonely night
If the chest feeling empty and a ticking clock
We die young. Living bone covered with dust.
Remember, we recall.
We’ve tried what we could
But work was not completed, yet can take into account the meaning of thousands of lives 4-5
We just scattered bones
But it is yours
You’re more to determine the value of the bones scattered
Or our souls floated to victory and hope of independence
or not for nothing,
We do not know, we no longer can say
You’re the one now who say
We talked to you in silence in the lonely night
If there is a sense of emptiness and a ticking clock
Remember, we recall
Forward, forward our souls
Keeping Bung Karno
keep the Bung Hatta
keep Bung Sjahrir
We now dead
Give us the meaning of
Guard continues at the statement boundary line and dream
Remember, we recall
living bones covered with dust
Thousands of us lying between Karawang-Bekasi
Volume 7, No. 16,


During this development
master back to life
And the embers into flame impressed
In front of all the master awaits
Do not flinch. Opponent many hundred times.
Sword on the right, a dagger in the left
Berselempang spirit can not die.
It ranks no-berpalu bergenderang
Trust mark invaded.
Once the mean
It was dead.
Thee Affairs
Provide fire.
Extinct in the upper menghamba
Perish on suppressed
Indeed a new road deaths reached
If life must suffer
(February 1943)
Th III, No. 8
August 1954

APPROVAL with Bung Karno

Come on! Bung Karno give hand let’s make an appointment
I had long enough to talk
roasted over apimu, salted lautmu
From the start date. August 17, 1945
I stepped forward to be meeting at your side
I now flame me now sea
Bung Karno! You and me one substance of the tendon
In zatmu in zatku our ships sailing
In uratmu in uratku our ships anchored in contrast &
Volume 7, No. 297,
If it comes my time
‘I want no one to woo her
Not even you
No need to snivel that
I’m a beast bitch
Of the compounds wasted
Let the bullet penetrate my skin
I still inflamed crashing
Wounds and can I bring running
Until the missing poignant fairy
And I would not care more
I want to live another thousand years
March 1943


If you want you back I received
With all my heart
I still own
I know you are never ever the same
Bath flower extract was divided
Do not submit! About me boldly
If you want I received back
For myself but
I’m reluctant to share with the mirror.
March 1943
to sri
Quiet outside. Lonely pressing urgency.
Straight rigid trees. Immobile
Up to the top. Silence peck,
Not a power off-renggut
All waited. Waiting. Waiting.
Add this waiting to be strangled
Become heavy-mencekung punda
Until they are destroyed everything. Nothing yet
Bertuba air. Satan bertempik
This quiet and hold there. And waited


to firmly adherent
In stunned
I’m still calling your name
Let me really hard
You all remember the full
holy hot cayaMu
kerdip stay quiet candle in the dark
I lost form
I wander in a foreign country
I knock on your door
I can not turn
13 November 1943


Relying on the dance rainbow colors
You’re my silk hooded twilight
In the eyes of black roses and jasmine flowers
Fragrant hair floated wrestle Senda
Lonely sing, pray come in the night
Meriak soul pond water level
And in my chest memerdu song
Interesting dance all over me
Life of my life, open doors
During your eyes look up to me
As long as you’re flowing blood from the wound
Death came among us not divide …


This time no one looking for love
between warehouses, old house, on the story
pole and temali. Boats, boats no berlaut
blew themselves in mempercaya would interlock
Drizzle accelerate the dark. There is also an eagle flaps
gravely offensive, swish day run swim
persuasion find akanan base. Not moving
and now sleep lost land and water waves.
No longer. I own. Walk
combed the peninsula, still stuffy hope
once came to the end and all good-bye
from the fourth beach, bitterly efflux could terdekap


Love on the island,
sweet girl, now own fun
Boat skim, moon shine,
in the neck kukalungkan ole-ole for the boyfriend.
wind helped, sea light, but feels
I do not, right up to him.
In calm water, the wind mendayu,
in the sense of efflux of all speeding
Doom throne, saying:
“Point the boat into my lap only,”
Amboi! I’ve traveled many roads!
Boat together, right merapuh!
Why call the first Doom
Before he could embrace with my love!
My sweet far on the island,
if ‘I die, he died alone fraudulent.

NIGHT In the mountains

I thought: Moon make this the cold,
So pale and stiff trees house?
For once I was too highly to want to answer:
Uh, there is little boy playing chase with the shadow!

The stolen and broken

dark and the wind then mempesiang myself,
menggigir also the space where I want him,
plus evening sets in, jungle so semati monument
in Rubber, in Rubber (county yad) until well chilled roar
I was tidying the room, if you come inside me
and I can no longer release new story to you;
but now only the hand that moves aloud
my body still and alone, stories and events over frozen

Patter patter fir

fir menderai far
feels today will be a night
there are several branches in the casement merapuh
hidden hit wind
I’m now the person can stand
how time is not a child anymore
but first there is a material
which is not the basis for calculating current
live only delay defeat
more alienated from love low school
and know, there are still unspoken
before we finally gave up

Not the stabbing death of right heart
Keridhaanmu accept any arriving
I knew not that high above the dust
And sorrow reigns supreme lord no
These rooms became a nest efflux
at night the missing boundary
Me and you just menjengkau
black raft
‘Kan terdamparkah
or whatever
on a black round?
Your eyes are purple petrified
Still berdekapankah us or
also follow the shadow


Beta Pattiradjawane
didjaga the datu datu
Tjuma one
Beta Pattiradjawane
scraping the sea
bloody sea
beta Pattiradjawane
when birth brought
datu dajung canoe
beta Pattiradjawane nutmeg forest pendjaga
beta-fire on the shore, who approached
three times menjebut beta punja name
algae in the desert night dance
according to the beta have a drum
nutmeg tree, virgin bodies become
live until morning comes
let’s dance!
let joy!
let berlupa!
beware! will not make customs angry
beta make nutmeg dead, stiff girl
send datu-datu beta!
beta is night, there Benefits of Sleep
rhythm of the algae and the fire burn the island … ….
beta Pattiradjawane
didjaga the datu-datu
tjuma one


I am back. Many foreign:
water flow rate of the color, ships,
and mega are leaning on the other equator;
sense of the sea has changed and tie face
also illuminated other Matari.
Quietness stay still.
More deserted me in the way of turns;
more quiet as well when they are between
the hope and the release.
Left ear is still terpaling
withdrawn intermittently restless