Prefer Justin concert than learning to UN

On 23 April, 2011, Justin concert was held in Jakarta and the event was held at Sentul building. Actually after the event that the UN is waiting for junior high school students are Grade 3 and 6. But many of those who choose to watch a JB concert, but at night the week can be used to study and prepare the national examination. And the second factor is the ticket, the high prices of tickets, which cost Rp 1.6 million, 00’s. And ironically again a lot of spectators who lined up since morning, when the new JB concert begins at 7 pm. And from the many spectators who came from junior grade 3 and 6. So, they play hooky from school just to watch a JB concert. In my opinion, the money that bought tickets, I used to do charity and savings, because money is one million six hundred thousand that I think is already very expensive.

Not just any concert, when JB come to Indonesia and get off at the airport, too many students who play truant just because want to meet her idol, namely JB. But after Justin got to the airport, the fanster disappointed, because they think JB arrogant, because they do not want to meet with the fansternya.

Well, maybe it is a lesson for musicians to Indonesia to continue working and to well-known as JB. Well we can only pray alone.